Voda Oxycure

Voda Oxycure

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The complete skin care product in a spray bottle

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What makes Voda Oxycure the best skin care product on the market? There are several factors.
First of all, it’s completely natural. That means that it works with the body’s natural chemistry. Not against it. Truly organic skin care !
Another factor is the superior hydration it provides. Oxycure is the best hydrating skin care product in the world.

Can we prove that ?…You bet !
Now look at the ingredients in Oxycure . There’s only one ! . It is 100 % , Electrolyzed, Micro-structured, Stabilized Water . ! Yep; WATER ! A very special water. Question: . Is there anything that adds water better than water . ??….I don’t think so….

But Oxycure is a lot more than just water: Let’s define the terms “Electrolyzed”, “Micro-structured”, and “Stabilized”.

“Electrolyzed” describes the process we use to make Oxycure. We take a volume of water and zap it with electricity ! This process eliminates fluoride, chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals, and changes the structure of the water in many important ways.
It actually reduces the size of the water molecule. ( “Micro-structuring” ) This helps Oxycure penetrate the skin much faster than regular water. The absorption of this water into the skin, will plump and tighten it. In about 60 seconds, the skin will become softer and smoother.

“Stabilized” means that Oxycure will retain its properties for many years ! . Regular electrolyzed waters only remain in solution for a matter of hours

We have designed Oxycure to be acidic, just as healthy skin should be. You will find that it is hypo-allergenic and works with all skin types.

And finally, Oxycure restores natural pH level of the skin and the acid mantle, the skins natural protection.

A complete skin care treatment in an easy-to-use spray…. Use at your convenience… No ritual to follow.

Can be used:

1. To obtain wrinkle free, clear skin,
2. Dandruff free scalp
3. Allergies and dryness in the eyes

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