Voda organic water company was established in 2018 with a team of Research engineers, Doctors and young entrepreneurs. Our mission was to provide a complete skin care product in the most natural way possible.

Our Story

The way we stay focused is by manufacturing to our high moral standards, which means that we produce a product as safe, pure and environmentally sound as possible.  A product that we know we can safely and proudly use on ourselves and our family. Our products are 100% organically made, water based, No chemicals added, electrolysed and environmental friendly.

Our vision is to pamper the skin naturally. This can be done by providing the required amount of water to your skin which keeps skin healthy and hydrated. By using our products you will achieve that.

Our customers are rest assured that products purchased from voda organic water are the finest available.


Process of electrolyzation of water removes chlorine, fluoride and other harmful components from the water. This enhances several properties of water that is beneficial to the skin


The electrolyzed water helps maintain pH of the skin at optimum levels for effective moisturization. Other moisturizers are alkaline and increase the pH levels of the skin causing dry skin


The organic water does not contain any harmful chemicals. With its good acidic nature and nutrients from the salts it only works towards a radiating skin. It can be applied to detan, moisturise and to remove wrinkles.


Voda Organic Water keeps the skin hydrated which helps to diminish wrinkles on the face. Regular usage for 90 days turns beneficial to your skin, erasing wrinkles and making you look younger

What Our Customers Says ?

I was convinced with description of the product, i liked the formula of the product-good active ingredients in it . I also looked into properties of the ingredients . It looks genuine and likely to improve my skin. It is been 3 weeks spraying my skin feels softer and smoother with no acne aggravation. I have recommended this product to all my friends and family as the price of it affordable.

I love this stuff, purchased it on the recommendation of my friend. i tried this product as the price was affordable. I am so happy this product suits my skin. My skin has become healthy and hydrated.
My feel good product. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky. it is definitely part of daily regimen
Two weeks and working. Just started using it. today i can feel change that’s happening to my skin.
Wroth everybit. I am a 60 year old lady, I have psoriasis from past 2 decades. Based on my dermatologist suggestion I bought this product. I started using it on my face. I could feel the change and it was smooth and soft. So I tried it on my psoriasis wound. In 2 weeks I am seeing change . I am very much impressed with the product.  It gives a good feel to try it as it is an organic product.